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It is the policy of Pak Marine Surveyors FZC that all practical andpossible actions should be taken to safeguard health & safety of employees.To achieve this, the company provides all possible equipment to attendingstaff to comply with Local as well as International rules for Health Safety andEnvironmental protection. The attending staffs strictly follow the company standards and co-operate withall who are in charge for maintaining those standards; also ensure thatequipments provided to support Health, Safety & Environment protection arenot misused. They are responsible to report any hazardous situations to theirsuperiors. The company promotes good relations with employees, with all authoritiesand to the General Public, to assist in implementation of Safety Management.Surveyors and Inspectors, who are engaged in such an assignment aresupplied with Boiler Suits and are well equipped with Safety Helmets, SafetyMasks, Goggles, Gloves and Shoes. Sampling Equipment: Products having Low Flash point are supported by recommended marine equipment for the sampling procedure with all required risk assessment. Sampling equipments are certified by Independent Agencies.The Whole Area is tidied after completion of Samples, which are stored incool places – at quite a distance, so no risk of fire is involved.